Nigeria Facing “A Famine Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen”

September 9, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

Nigeria Facing ‘a Famine Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen’

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria – The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the children lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying. They are the latest victims of Boko Haram’s Islamic insurgency.
No one knows how many more children are dying of starvation in refugee camps and areas too dangerous to access because of the extremists’ presence, according to Doctors Without Borders, which runs the emergency feeding center. The aid group first sounded the alarm of a humanitarian crisis of “catastrophic” proportion in northeast Nigeria as Boko Haram lost its grip on some areas and its victims began to emerge.

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