Population & Sustainability Network: Tree Conservation & Mobile Health in Kenya

September 27, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

Network News: Integrating tree conservation and mobile health clinics in Kenya
See: http://populationandsustainability.org/network-news-integrating-tree-conservation-mobile-health-clinics-kenya/

CHASE Africa, originally called the Rift Valley Tree Trust, was established in 2000 to encourage tree planting around the fast disappearing Mau forest in Kenya. Starting tree nurseries was easy but finding secure land to plant the trees on proved much more difficult. Many schools have relatively large plots and we have now completed tree planting projects at more than 90 schools, with plots ranging from a half to two acres. Some of the first schools to take part in the planting project are now beginning to harvest their trees. Some schools have chosen to sell the timber, some use it to cook the school lunch and two had the timber milled and built new classrooms.

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