Inheritance for a Better Future: Results of PMC Drama in Rwanda

March 19, 2019 • News

Women farmers in field with toolsWomen farmers in field with tools

Population Media Center (PMC) and PMC’s local office, Umurage Communication for Development, based in Kigali, Rwanda recently concluded national broadcast of the radio show, Umurage. Umurage ran for one year (156 episodes, broadcast June 2017  – June 2018) in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages. The show addressed the themes of child protection, family planning/reproductive health, nutrition, and gender-based violence.

Below are the results of a study done to assess the popularity of Umurage and to monitor whether Umurage motivated listeners to seek services throughout Rwanda.


Motivation to Get Services

Of all new and continuing listeners interviewed for the study:

  • Nearly one in five (20%) (141/722) said they were motivated by Umurage to seek child protection, gender-based violence, nutrition, and family planning/reproductive health services
  • 26% (191/722) of new and continuing listeners that cited “radio” as their source of motivation
  • 74% (141/191) cited Umurage as the motivating radio program

Below are charts showing the proportions of listeners who were motivated by Umurage to seek services during broadcast, broken down by reason for visit, age group, marital status and more.





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