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A Message from Bill Ryerson, President and Founder of Population Media Center

March 17, 2020 • News

PMC President Bill RyersonPMC President Bill Ryerson

Dear friends of PMC,

In light of the growing concerns around COVID-19, we at PMC are adapting our current practices to ensure the health and safety of our workforce, our partners, and the communities around us. In response to recommendations from several key public health agencies, we chose to suspend international travel for all PMC staff last week through the end of April and restrict non-essential domestic travel. Our staff are following recommended practices on working from home, social distancing, and healthy hygiene habits.

We are excited to say you will continue to see new productions, articles, and international updates from us, even as many of us shift our daily work schedules. PMC remains committed to maintaining a healthy and active organization creating entertainment for good worldwide.

Our shows continue to reach global audiences, many of which are in areas at high risk for the current outbreak, so we have expanded our narratives to include content relevant to the current pandemic. Through short epilogues at the end of episodes, social media campaigns, and more, our characters are engaging audiences worldwide by role modeling handwashing, protocols to stay healthy, and cultivating community in times of hardship.

Humanity has survived pandemics over the millennia. United, we will get through this pandemic together.



Bill Ryerson
PMC President and Founder

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