Are you an expert in brand positioning? PMC Request for Proposals

February 9, 2021 • News

Cover of Population Media Center Brand RFP with deadline of March 1, 2021Cover of Population Media Center Brand RFP with deadline of March 1, 2021

Population Media Center (PMC), a non-profit leader in entertainment that creates social and environmental change, knows the importance of being audience-centric. We believe brands that resonate are built from a meaningful understanding of the audience’s needs.

PMC is looking for a Brand Partner who wants to look carefully at PMC’s mission, vision, audience segments, and portfolio of work to build a transparent and powerful brand. This branding project will analyze PMC’s current positioning among key target segments and assess the overall positioning and messaging strategy and hierarchy.

Over the past three years, PMC has compiled a number of powerful tools and understandings that now need to be coalesced and packaged to clearly tell our audiences what they can expect from PMC products and services, differentiating us from competitors. This rebranding project will take into account the core elements of brand and refine our positioning and the implementation of that positioning. The positioning and messaging emanating from this brand project will build the framework for all internal and external communications.

View Population Media Center’s Brand RFP.

When selecting a vendor for this project, we will be evaluating candidates on experience and success with similar projects. We will be looking to see how respondents have addressed positioning amongst diverse audiences and how well vendors explain their process, approach, and plan. Timeline and cost will also be important considerations.

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