Do you build inbound websites? PMC Request for Proposals

April 7, 2021 • News

PMC website viewed from a laptop screenPMC website viewed from a laptop screen

Population Media Center (PMC), a non-profit leader in entertainment that creates social and environmental change, is looking for a Website Partner who wants to build a powerful inbound website. We’re looking for a partner who will utilize PMC’s positioning, messaging, audience segments, buyer journeys, and portfolio of work to conceptualize and build a website that drives traffic, acquires new contacts, and nurtures those contacts into donors. Our ideal Website Partner will be familiar with WordPress and Hubspot to integrate the two platforms to generate a site that is clear and compelling for visitors – and to generate data collection that is clear and compelling for the PMC Marketing team.

View Population Media Center’s Website RFP.

When selecting a partner for this project, we will be evaluating candidates on experience and success with similar projects. Examples should be inbound websites, demonstrating success throughout the funnel from contact acquisition through to conversion and delight. We’ll be looking to see how well potential partners explain their process, approach, and plan. Timeline and cost will also be important considerations.

We are excited to build a new site – one that better serves our audiences and better connects people to PMC. We’re seeking a web developer/firm who can match our excitement for this endeavor and provide PMC with an inbound website that’s designed to perform for today and glean user insights to evolve for tomorrow.


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