Do You Do Field Research in Uganda? PMC Request for Proposals

July 2, 2021 • News

Parliament building in Kampala, UgandaParliament building in Kampala, Uganda

Our Population Media Center (PMC) team in Uganda is seeking proposals from qualified research firms to conduct an “Endline Survey” in Uganda as described in this Request for Proposals (RFP).  The RFP outlines the terms of reference (TORs). We are looking to analyze and understand the impact of two radio programs broadcast by PMC in Uganda in the Luganda and English languages.

Visit the RFP here.

If your firm will be submitting a proposal, please submit an expression of interest to: no later than 1700 hours Kampala time on July 8, 2021. Final deadline for the full proposal submission in electronic format is July 14, 2021. All submitted proposals must contain a statement that proposals will be valid for a minimum of 90 calendar days from the submission date.

A committee at PMC will conduct an evaluation and ranking of all proposals received. Proposals will be evaluated in terms of cost, technical approach, capabilities, and prior experience with similar work. Once the contract is awarded, the firm must return a signed copy of the final agreed upon proposal and timeline to PMC within 48 hours of notification of award.

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