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PMC has broadcast in more than 50 countries and helped more than 500 million people live healthier lives. When PMC started 20 years ago, we could not have dreamed that such community of donors, volunteers, and advocates would exist to make this all possible.

After more than 40 shows in more than 20 languages, look at a sampling of what you have accomplished. Imagine what can be accomplished in the next 20 years.

A Law Isn't a Law Until It's Enforced

Girls walking to school were being abducted, and once their abductor married them – nothing could be done. A woman was considered property of her husband. But entertainment can inspire discussion – and collective action. A mother from Oromiya wrote “Our children go to school safely and return unharmed. Please keep the program on the air.”
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Lending Social Power to Inspired Leadership

In Burundi, Jeanne D’Arc invited young girls and other women to listen with her to Agashi (“Hey! Look Again!”). For Jeanne, Agashi presented an opportunity for which she had been waiting. She wanted to help other girls avoid the challenges she had faced. With 81 percent listenership among the target audience across the country, Jeanne didn’t struggle convincing people to listen and that opened doors and dreams.
More About Jeanne D'Arc

Improving Reproductive Health in the First Month on Air

PMC’s East Los High became one of the top five shows on hulu.com in its first season and more than 27,000 people used a Planned Parenthood widget from eastloshigh.com in the first month of the broadcast. East Los High ran for five seasons, was nominated for six Emmys, and has now secured an international distribution deal.
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Imagine empowering entire communities, one story at a time.
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12.3 Million Listeners Inspired

72.4 percent of Northern Nigeria listened to the 208-episode radio show Ruwan Dare (“Midnight Rain”). As a result, 67 percent of reproductive clients named the show as their motivation to seek health services. Ruwan Dare catalyzed 1.1 million new family planning users at a cost of 89 cents each.
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"Now I Understand the Value of Trees"

Umurage Urukwiye (“Rwanda’s Brighter Future”) made health and environmental issues real. Umurage Urukwiye increased tree seedling purchases and listeners were 3.4 more likely than non-listeners to know protecting mountain gorillas can reduce poverty and bring tourists.
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A President Steps in to Help

Nepal has the third highest rate of early marriage in Asia, so PMC knew that addressing child marriage would be a focal point for its Nepal shows. We didn’t expect such public support from a former president. “I was married at 14. My wife was 12,” said Right Honorable Former President Ram Baran Yadav who was Nepal’s first President from 2008 to 2015.
A Powerful Program Launch


Stories of Hope and New Futures

Halima was married at 15, gave birth at 16, and got pregnant again soon after. This time, labor was obstructed. After the birth, she was leaking urine and feces and her husband sent her away. It wasn’t until Gugar Goge (“Tell It To Me Straight”) that she learned she had fistula, which could be repaired. Imagine finding, through a radio show, that there was a way to return to your children.
Listen to Halima Tell Her Story

Partnering to Expand Impact

PMC co-produced Último Año (“Last Year”) with MTV Latin America, reaching an estimated audience of 22 million households. It was broadcast in 18 countries and within the first month, the website had 1.4 million page views and ranked #4 on MTV’s Latin America Website.
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Stopping Stigma, Improving Lives

“If Jigi ma Tignè (“Hope Is Allowed”) had been broadcast when I was 18 months old, I would have not been the object of rejection, exclusion, and marginalization, because my parents and everyone else would have understood that I am not a bad luck omen and that I have the same rights as other children. And I would have gone to school like the other kids.”
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There's Still Hope

Although the problems are vast, solutions exist. Together, we can create change -- improve lives and save the world.
PMC's Storytelling Approach

A Wide Range of Change

An estimated 350,000 Congolese regularly listened to Pambazuko (“The Dawn”), being entertained and learning about topics ranging from conservation to vaccination. Listeners were more likely than non-listeners to encourage girls to pursue higher education, be involved in environmental conservation, agree with polio vaccinations, use contraception, and try to decrease violence and rape.
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50 Percent of Clinic Patients Helped Because of Saliwansai

PMC partnered with health clinics throughout Sierra Leone to understand impact. When asked why they were visiting the health clinic, half of the patients cited Saliwansai (“Puppet on a String”) as their motivation to seek clinical services. There were 3 million loyal listeners, costing 53 cents to reach those 3 million at least once per week for two straight years.
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Role Models Matter

In Burkina Faso, François and his wife already had six children they struggled to feed. François and his wife never got to attend school, and neither of them knew there were ways to avoid pregnancy. Yam Yankré (“The Choice”) changed that – changing the future for François, his wife, and his children.
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