2015 Video Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 "One Planet, Many People" video contest! We're pleased to announce the winners!

To read more about the 2015 contest, please view the press release. Here, we are pleased to feature the work of those who won the 2015 contest. Watch the videos and we hope you’ll spread the word to encourage any Arizona high school students you know to enter the contest in upcoming years.


  • Joyce Wang, of University High School in Tucson, won with her video submission, “Fuel.” The short film features Tucson street scenes and showed the contributions to climate change caused by everyday actions such as driving, using a cellphone, or washing laundry. Wang’s video noted that world population grew from 1.6 to 6.1 billion during the last century and proposed solutions to lessen the environmental impacts of projected growth in the human population to 10 billion.


  • Joyce Wang‘s video “Fuel” also won the prize for best technical presentation, one of the special category prizes with rewards of $250 each.
  • Jacob Hancock, a senior at Santa Rita High School received the special category prize for the video best demonstrating the impact of continued population growth on today’s students. His video, “Project Overflow,” linked population growth to increases in student/teacher ratios and demand for natural resources.
  • A team of four freshman biology students from Sunnyside High School won the award for best presentation of the environmental impacts of population growth. “One Planet, Many People: Effects of Overpopulation” by Victor Armstrong, Citlalli Galindo, Jordan Martin, and Cesar Martinez showed that the world adds more than 200,000 people to its population per day and emphasized that space is not the only problem. Their video tied population growth to water and food shortages. The team’s video also proposed solutions, ranging from renewable energy to small families.

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