One Planet, Many People: Competition Rules

So, you're thinking about entering the "One Planet, Many People" video competition. What are the rules?

The 2021 “One Planet, Many People” video competition closed on July 15, 2021. Entrants will hear from competitionofficials in mid-August as the voting round begins.

Questions: Questions about the rules and competitionmay be directed to the video competition coordinators.

The Competition: Students are asked to create a short video (of 60 seconds or less) that explores how a growing human population may cause problems for humanity and our planet.

Scholarship Prizes/Judging: A total of $20,000 in scholarships will be awarded – 4 scholarships worth $2000 each, and 12 scholarships worth $1000 each. Any scholarship awarded to a team will be divided evenly among the team members. The scholarship monies are intended to cover tuition cost during undergraduate study and will be sent directly to the undergraduate colleges which the winners plan to attend

Eligibility: Entrants must be high school seniors or college undergraduates who will attend college in 2021 or 2022. Students from any country may enter. Students who have entered this competitionin prior years may enter again but must submit new material. Students may join together as a team to submit a video.

Submission of Videos: Completed videos should be uploaded to YouTube. Entrants should complete the online Entry Form at that time. Students should save a copy of the submitted video and be certain that the video is not “privacy protected” so that it can be viewed by our judges and others. Videos will be judged solely on their content in the English language.

Title Screen: Entries should include a brief title screen that includes the competition title “One Planet, Many People,” the name of the entrant, and the title of the video.

Length: Videos should not exceed 60 seconds in length, including the title screen.

Video Equipment: Videos may be produced on any equipment available to the entrant, including cell phones, video cameras, and computers. Videos may be in color or black and white, with or without sound, and with or without animation.

Assistance: Professional assistance is not allowed. Winners will be required to certify that they did not use professional assistance.

Dates: The competition begins March 15, 2021. All entries must be submitted in digital format by midnight (EST) on July 15, 2021.. Winners will be announced several weeks following July 15, 2021.

Judging: Winners will be selected by a panel of judges named by PMC. Some entries will also be selected for public viewing, and one of the $2000 scholarships will be awarded to the video which receives the most views on the PMC website.

Winning Entries: Entrants should be able to provide sources for factual statements made in their videos. If actors are utilized, actor release forms must be provided. Copyrighted material cannot be utilized without permission of the copyright holder. Winning videos will be posted on the PMC website.

Ownership of Videos and Right to Use: Population Media Center holds copyright to all videos and may, at its discretion, register copyrights for the videos. Population Media Center may, at its discretion, publish, reprint, distribute, or broadcast the videos and may grant rights to others to publish, reprint, distribute, or broadcast them. Entrants hold a right of use to their own videos and may publish, reprint, distribute, or broadcast them using the entrant’s own name.

General: PMC may disqualify any entry that fosters racial, religious, or sexual prejudice, promotes sexual exploitation or illegal behavior, violates these rules, or is inappropriate, in the judgment of PMC. Employees of Population Media Center and their children are not eligible to enter the competition. If the operation, security, or administration of this competition is compromised for any reason, including plagiarism, PMC may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate the contest without recourse.

Acceptance of Rules: By entering the competition, entrants give their full and unconditional agreement to these Rules.  The decisions of PMC about the competition and the interpretation of these Rules shall be final and binding.

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