One Planet, Many People: Contest Rules

So, you're thinking about entering the "One Planet, Many People" video contest. What are the rules?

The Contest: Students should create a short video exploring human population growth and its effects and discussing whether education, gender equality, or other changes can slow, end, or reverse population growth.

Eligibility: Entrants must be at least 14 years old and not older than 18 on March 16, 2018.  Most entrants will be students, but entrants do not need to be currently enrolled in school. Entries from outside the United States are eligible.

Employees of Population Media Center and their children are not eligible to enter the contest.

Submission of Videos: Completed videos should be uploaded to YouTube and the online Entry Form completed at that time. Students should save a copy of the submitted video. Videos must be in English.

Title Screen: Entries should include a 10-second title screen that includes the contest title “One Planet, Many People”, the name(s) of the entrant(s), the title of the video, the entrant’s school if applicable, and the city in which the school is located.

Length: Video should not exceed two minutes in length, including the title screen.

Video Equipment: Videos may be produced on any equipment available to the entrant, including cell phones, video cameras, and computers. Videos may be in color or black and white, with or without sound, and with or without animation.

Assistance: Entries may be produced by a single person, by groups of students, or by a class. Entries submitted by groups of students or a class must designate a lead entrant who will serve as the contact with PMC.  Entrants may consult with parents, teachers, and mentors for assistance. However, the primary work of creating the video must be done by the entrants.  Professional assistance is not allowed.

Dates: The contest begins on January 1, 2018. All entries must be submitted in digital format by March 16, 2018. Videos submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for prizes. Winners will be announced in April, 2018.

PrizesTotal prize money of $4,000.00 will be awarded: First prize $1000; Second prize $500; Third prize $300; Fourth prize $200; 15 Honorable Mention prizes of $100 each; a $500 award will be presented to the school department with the best participation.

Winning Entries: In additional to cash prizes, winning videos may be posted on the website of Population Media Center if actor releases, sources, and copyright permissions are in order. Winners must be able to provide a list of sources for their video, documenting any factual statements.

Ownership of Videos and Right to Use: Entrants own all rights to their entries, but Population Media Center may reproduce, reprint, distribute, or exhibit winning videos for promotional purposes on their website, at conferences, or in publications.

CopyrightsVideos must not use copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Videos containing copyrighted material used without permission will not be eligible for prizes.

Citation of sources: Winning videos will be required to cite the sources of the factual information contained in the video.

Parental Permission: Entrants who are under 18 years of age when they enter the contest should submit a Parental Permission form prior to undertaking production of their video. The Parental Permission form releases PMC from liability resulting from the entrant’s participation in the contest, including any harm, injury, or death resulting from travel or work with video equipment incident to participation in the contest. After completing the Parental Permission form, please scan and send it (or email a photo) to Population Media Center ( If videos requiring parental permission are submitted without a Parental Permission form, they will be disqualified.

General: PMC may disqualify any entry that fosters racial, religious, or sexual prejudice, promotes sexual exploitation or illegal behavior, violates these rules, or is inappropriate in the judgment of PMC. If the operation, security, or administration of this contest is compromised for any reason, including plagiarism, PMC may, at its discretion, suspend the contest or terminate it, without recourse by the entrants.

Acceptance of Rules: Entrants give their full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Rules and the decisions of PMC, which are final and binding.

Questions: Questions about these rules may be directed to the video contest coordinators.

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