I signed up to be a #GETREEL Volunteer for PMC. Now what? Here are some tips you can use during our campaign.

What is the #GETREEL Campaign?

The #GETREEL Annual Campaign is a six-week campaign running from September 12 through Oct 24. Volunteers will help raise funds and awareness about the realities facing women and girls and PMC’s work during that timeframe. A campaign toolkit is available to help you with information on the ways to donate, materials for talking points, materials for distribution via email or social media, and more. Please also feel free to email Paul Ugalde, our Director of Development, with questions or requests for help at any time: ugalde@populationmedia.org.

As a PMC volunteer, you will become part of the PMC family and we will work to provide you with everything you need to raise money and spread the word. You will be kept “in the loop” with two emails per week – one featuring that week’s video and one featuring information on our progress so far. It will be fun, rewarding, and you’ll know that you are helping women around the world pursue better lives. PMC is an entertainment nonprofit creating individual and social change that enhances the rights of women and girls and impacts the environment. PMC is a 501(c) (3) and all contributions are tax deductible!

Where did the #GETREEL Campaign get its name?

#GETREEL has two origins: 1. Many people simply do not know about the tremendous global disparities facing women and girls. The reality is that women are not the equals of men, do not learn to read and write, and are married as children in far too many countries. Some disparities are blatant and others, that are no less damaging, permeate the realities of women and girls more quietly. In this way, we want people to #GETREEL about what is really happening. 2. Many people don’t think of pop culture and prominent entertainment as a way to approach deeply entrenched, damaging beliefs and social norms. PMC has its own formula for creating powerful TV and radio shows that are designed to create societal change. Although our studios are now all digital, we appreciate the power of each radio or TV “reel.”

Where do I start?

Build a list of names by thinking about your own circle of influence. Who’s in your email or phone address book? Who might be interested in learning more about PMC’s important work? Start with a list of at least 10 names.

What can I do to be a successful Volunteer?

Be yourself! Think about who you would talk about PMC with naturally. Think about why you care about PMC and the issues we address. Look through the #GETREEL website and determine what resonates for you and what will best resonate with who you’re going to talk with. And always reach out to PMC for assistance at any time. We’re happy to support you as much as we can. The most important objective of this campaign is to get more people supporting the advancement of women and girls and the real change that can come from PMC’s powerful (and entertaining!) TV and radio shows.

Do I have to be an expert on PMC’s work?

You don’t need to be an expert about PMC’s work. It’s more important you know why you care and what inspires you about PMC. Your commitment and sincerity is contagious. However, if you plan to hold face-to-face meetings or an event, we recommend you review our website for up-to-date information or send us any questions you anticipate that you’d like help being ready to answer. Telling someone you don’t know the answer to a question is always okay too. You can follow-up with us and get back to them.

What’s the best way to ask for money?

Before you ask someone to make a gift to PMC, you should make a gift yourself. You should also think about what amount might be appropriate to ask for and be specific with your request. No amount is too small and we genuinely appreciate all donors.

Face-to-face is always the best way to raise money. There are several fun and manageable fundraising events if you would like to go that route. Some ideas might include hosting a “Meet & Greet” at your house or other preferred venue; scheduling a Happy Hour; organizing an afternoon meeting over coffee; or hosting a backyard BBQ.

If events are not an option, email, phone, and texting requests are always options and we have templates you can use to customize your message. You can find these in the volunteer toolkit.

What if someone says they can’t because they’ve donated to so many of the natural disasters lately (Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.)?

Always express your gratitude that people have been moved to being philanthropic. Donating to these natural disaster relief funds (or other charitable donations) is important work and PMC supports those efforts. Some items you can explain if you find yourself faced with this comment is that it’s possible to participate in PMC’s annual campaign now and “pledge” a donation for later. This way, it still counts toward our goal now and the person doesn’t have to make the donation until later this year or next. It’s also an opportune time, when talking about natural disasters, to explain that funding prevention is just as important as funding recovery. PMC is one of many organizations working on prevention.

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