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Dear First Name,

As a [member of the Board Of Directors/Volunteer], I’m helping Population Media Center launch the 2017 #GETREEL  Annual Campaign. We’re working to raise awareness and money to support women and girls around the world. The money raised during this six-week campaign will support the amazing work of Population Media Center – a nonprofit that creates social and environmental change with their specialized form of entertainment (TV and radio shows). Our 2017 campaign goal is $200,000, and I’m trying to raise ($—–) by October 27.

Here are just a few things we’ve done: 

  • Reduced unplanned parenthood and child slavery in Haiti
  • Promoted the education of girls in Burkina Faso
  • Raised awareness of gender-based violence in Sierra Leone
  • Continued the effort to end female genital mutilation in Ethiopia

Will you consider making a ($—-) gift today?  We all need to #GETREEL about how girls and women are treated across the globe and find real solutions – like PMC’s entertainment – that can address deeply entrenched beliefs across huge audiences.

  • Give online here https://www.populationmedia.org/donate-now/
  • Watch this video now to see the power of PMC’s work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdaJK5WQjOc
  • Like us on Facebook →https://www.facebook.com/populationmediacenter/
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Thank you so much for your support!





NOTE: #GETREEL runs from September 12 – October 24, 2017. Each week features important elements to PMC’s work to empower women and girls. If a specific theme speaks to you or those in your network, please use it at any point during the campaign. Below are bullet points for each week. You can also find longer descriptions linked in the “Talking Points” section of the Volunteer page.

Week 1 – Help Her See It 

  • Around the world, many women and girls are unable to think about pursuing dreams, exploring their talents, or even enjoying basic social parity with men and boys. Why? Because these women and girls actually do not know such paths exist.
  • Population Media Center’s media programs – radio, TV, and internet – use the power of fiction to introduce new ideas to audiences all around the world, introducing potentially revolutionary ideas about what is possible in real-life.
  • Because of PMC’s shows, liberating social and behavioral notions are now squarely within the realm of the possible in the minds of individual audience members.
  • PMC’s shows promote self-efficacy and confidence in audience members. By emotionally riding along with key-characters navigating the challenges of implementing new behaviors throughout the fictional story, audiences can then turn around and confidently commit to seeking similar changes in real-life. They have not only acquired new ideas, but also new tools. They have seen examples of what challenges will present themselves and how to work through them.

Week 2 – Give Her Allies 

  • Social norms include the daily habits, unwritten rules, and normalized behaviors that everyone in the community accepts, and to a large degree, expects. They can be good, bad, or indifferent. Unfortunately, many social norms are very damaging to women and girls around the world.
  • To promote healthy changes in social norms pertaining to treatment of women and girls, a critical step is creating awareness that change is both possible and desirable in individuals throughout the society.
  • This society-wide saturation is critical. If just a few people in the community have new visions for a good life, they won’t get very far. PMC’s work builds a critical mass of change agents across the spectrum of class, gender, education, and other cultural strata.
  • PMC’s ability to reach across society, “at-scale” (i.e. millions of listeners/viewers to our shows) sets us apart from the field – we bring important information directly to mass audiences, creating efficiency relative to door-to-door counselling, for example.
  • In addition to empowering individuals with new information and new ideas, PMC’s theory-driven dramas (we use a mix of communication, psychosocial, and psychological theories) go a step further – we engender emotional desires for change throughout a broad swath of society. We empower individuals while setting the stage for rapid social norm change.

 Week 3 – Power in Numbers 

  • Tipping points are common in the natural world (we hear a lot about the danger of a climate tipping point these days). But human societies also experience tipping points, and they can actually be a force for good.
  • Population Media Center is focused on catalyzing tipping points, especially on social norms related to women and girls: early and forced marriage, taboos around modern contraception, and gender-based social discrimination.
  • PMC dramas are uniquely positioned to reach across the spectrum of class, gender, education, and other cultural strata – reaching individuals with social change messaging, and thereby building a critical mass of change agents in that society.
  • When a large number of community members rapidly and dramatically change their attitudes and behavior – by either adopting a once rare practice or abstaining from a previously common one – that is social norm change.
  • Tipping points require catalysts – household and community discussion of issues dealt with in PMC’s dramas often serve as those catalysts. The dramas themselves, the epilogues after each episode, and radio call-in shows – all can serve to spark community reflection.
  • See listener letter from Ethiopia below to provide a tactile example of PMC induced social norm change.

Week 4 – Find The Truth 

  • It takes effort to understand the real reasons people behave the way they do. Solutions to social and environmental challenges rarely have simple fixes. To demonstrate what we mean, we’ll focus on PMC’s work on family planning and reproductive health around the world.
  • PMC’s analysis of multiple USAID Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) reports over the last two decades have consistently demonstrated the major impediments to contraceptive uptake are rooted in apprehension, fear-inducing rumors, or personal antagonism towards contraception (often grounded in fatalism or patriarchal social norms).
  • A recent study from the Guttmacher Institute reinforces PMC’s findings. Guttmacher found non-users in developing countries who actually “lack access” to contraception at around 5 percent. Fear of health effects and personal or spousal opposition to contraception account for 49 percent of non-use.
  • Another driver for women not using contraception is simply that fact that they are not trying to avoid pregnancy due to social norms related to high-desired family size.
  • To be absolutely clear, PMC strongly believes that supply chains and market availability of contraceptives need continual improvement. However, PMC also knows that addressing restrictive social norms should be a priority because they represent the most formidable obstacle. A clinic won’t benefit people’s health unless people use it.
  • PMC uses social and behavior change science to engage people with theory-based entertainment programs that are able to correct misinformation and dispel myths and rumors – cost-efficiently and without community backlash.

 Week 5 – Two Crises, One Solution 

  • One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quotes was, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere… Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
  • Today, the human rights and social status of women and girls are unjustly impinged around the world – creating unsustainable environmental impacts that are also unjust to other species and civilization itself.
  • Humans – now approaching 8 billion in total population — are large, environmentally impactful, mammalian bipedal-primates. We place a very heavy burden on the planet — and all the other species who try and live here too. (The International Union for Conservation of Nature has identified 38 percent of the world’s known species as threatened with extinction.)
  • Population Media Center uses a highly effective behavior change strategy – entertainment-education – to fight oppressive social norms such as low status of women and girls, gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, forced prostitution, and child marriage.
  • By weakening and eliminating these scourges — along with expanding access to family planning information and services — global population will stabilize and start a gradual decline sooner rather than later. This is a win, first and foremost for women and girls – but also for other species and the global environment.

Week 6 – Nothing is Impossible 

  • There is great need for pro-social work all around the world and in many different formats; PMC knows this.
  • For PMC, however, making progress on the socially interconnected issues of the full rights of women and girls, population size and growth, and the health of the planetary environment offer the most excellent returns on scarce resources.
  • Our organizational vision: “A sustainable planet with equal rights for all,” absolutely required PMC to emphasize gender equality and increasing women’s empowerment in our entertaining dramas because empowering women drastically changes this world’s realities around health, human rights, and environmental protection. Families, communities, and the world all benefit in drastic degrees.
  • Working on behalf of women and girls means addressing a multitude of related issues, such as: promoting primary and secondary school education, promoting comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights, ending domestic violence, ending female genital mutilation, ending early and forced marriage, promoting child health, and more.
  • Tackling these diverse issues strengthens our capacity to create change, and all of these issues come back to one theme that impacts the health of all people and the health of the planet – the rights of women and girls.
  • Our dramas benefit from addressing multiple issues at once, because doing so honors and advances the hallmark of great episodic story-telling (captivating characters, cliffhangers, multiple/interwoven storylines, and unexpected plot twists) and because doing so honors the way these issues impact numerous parts of our lives so that they can be advanced in the storylines in ways that make sense to viewers and listeners.
  • Our goal is always a critical mass of confident, informed, empowered individuals in our listening audience that are newly motivated to adopt positive behaviors. This is Population Media Center. This is how we work for a sustainable planet with equal rights for all.



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