Every Friday we take stock of where we are!

We have surpassed our goal! Every Friday we send volunteers updates about how many people have donated, who has donated that week, and how much money has been raised. Here is the final report, followed by the list of people who have generously donated.



Below are the people who have donated. See someone you contacted? Send them a thank you! And let PMC know (call us or use this form) that you were responsible for inspiring their gift! This is a community that appreciates every dollar and every donor.

Donors for final week of the campaign were:

Lorna Amsbaugh
Louise and Robert Arnold
Edwin and Janet Bartholomew
Joe Bish
Ed Bradley
F. Carothers
Peter Davies
Thomas and Florence Forrest
Alan French
Sandra Kanck
Downs McCloskey
Paul Padgett
Gay Regan
Ken Regelson
Sylvia Smith
Carl Soderberg
Jeffrey and Ellen Van Fleet


Donors in October 20 report:

Richard Deitz
Lucy Grimes
David McLaughlin
James Morgan
Alec and Serena Perkins
Robert A. and Veronica S. Petersen
Margi Swett
Robert Wittrock


Donors in October 13 report:

Douglas Adams
L.P. Brown Foundation
Linda Geiser
Valerie Grant
Charles Litweiler
Kimball and Lisa McMullin
Michael Ross
Ken Stewart


Donors in October 6 report:

Aaron Babbie
Hal Bauer
Stephen Cohen
Debra Delman
Shoshannah Dobry
Art and Elinor Elphick
Andrew Forrest
Steven Hannes
N. Kay Killingstad
H. Kloman
Oleg Kolosov
Edward Lehrer
Roger Plenty
Schwab Charitable
Kirsten Stade


Donors in September 29 report:

Rosalie Fox
Patricia Hackbarth
Ron Hoge
Keith Kaback
Holly Meyer
Jane Putch
Jane and Julian Roberts
Simon Blattner Family Foundation
Wendi Stein
Chuck Zierdt


Donors in September 22 report:

Ed Bennett
June Bishop
Casey Blanchard
Barbara Bull
John Cohan
Anneliese Crawford
Richard Deitz
Marilyn DeYoung
Eric Fieberling
Mark Giese
Daniel Gray
Lloyd Jones
David McLaughlin
Donald Mischke
Beresford Parlett
George Plumb
William and Amy Rider
Marilyn Riede
William Rolls
William Ryerson
Virginia Schilz
Peter Seidel
Elizabeth Sharman
Jerome Shedd
Jane Sommers
Maria Stadtmueller
Carl Walker
Dirk and Bonnie Walters
John Wilder
Norman Youngsteadt


Donors in September 15, 2017 report were:

Andrea and Richard Amend
Gert Aron
Earl and Suze Babbie
Brad Bardwell
Rose Bish
Lillie Bleau
David Blockstein
Leslie Bouffard
James Braden
Elizabeth Breunig
Lester Brown
Jeff Burrow
Bruce Carlson
James Carter
John and Theresa Cederholm
Margaret and Daniel Curtis
Richard Deitz
Don Dumond
Bert Edwards
Paul and Anne Ehrlich
Reuben Farris
Christine Foster
Katrina Glenn
Tom and Rosalyn Graham
Janet Greene
J. Justin Gustainis
Douglas Hawes
John and Nancy Heugel
Glen Holstein
Taylor Kingston
Adam Kleppner
Bram Kleppner
John Lepinski
Adam Levine
William and Vi Luginbuhl
Naomi Ranz-Schleifer
Lindsay Reid
Becca Rodomsky-Bish
Elizabeth Steele
Marcy Summers
Stephanie Tholand
Missie Thurston & Brian Clifford
Paul Ugalde
Richard Vermillion
David Voytek
Emily Wade
David Walker
David Wall
Barbara Warren
Diana Weatherby
Henry and Roya Weyerhaeuser
Yvette Wilhite-Hanshaw
Roger Wykes



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