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Give Her Allies

Once a "Goliath" - Now an Ally for Change

Goliath's Story

They say no man, or woman, is an island. That’s never truer than in the evolution of social norms: the largely invisible, unquestioned behavioral fabric of everyday life. Long-established and widely practiced, social norms include the daily habits, unwritten rules, and normalized behaviors that everyone in the community accepts, and to a large degree, expects. If one person in a community has a new and better idea about how they might live their life, if it contradicts age-old social norms, they won’t get very far – unless they have additional support.

Fortunately, good entertainment has universal appeal. PMC’s entertaining dramas offer irresistible, scintillating stories – attracting eager audiences from across the spectrum of class, gender, education, and other cultural strata. PMC shows speak to men and women, boys and girls, teachers and students, bankers and brick-layers. Through our programming, these diverse audience members come to share an important common denominator: they have all been exposed to new ideas and possibilities. The door to social norm change has been opened and many, in solidarity, will walk through – making the path easier for all who follow.


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"The programs have allowed the people of Burkina Faso to have access to the information necessary to decide freely and responsibly how to manage their reproductive health."

Yam Yankré, Burkina Faso, Mamadou Kante, UNFPA representative

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