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Jeanne D'Arc Sees Herself Reflected and Reaches Out to Young Girls

Jeanne's Story

Unfortunately, in many societies around the world, women and girls are still unable to think about pursuing their dreams, exploring their creative talents, or even enjoying basic social parity with men and boys – largely because these women and girls actually do not know such paths exist. They may have never seen other girls go to school, may have never seen a woman entrepreneur, and perhaps may never have seen their mother treated as a respected member of the household.

Population Media Center’s media programs – radio, TV and internet – use the power of fiction to introduce new ideas to eager audiences all around the world. What was once merely fiction turns into a progressive new reality. 


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"Before I was a permanent house wife, but now from this drama, the benefits of education woke me up and I went back to school."

PMC Hannunka Mai Sanda listener, Amina Akubakar (female), in Nigeria

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