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Nothing is Impossible

The Girl Who Grew Up to Be a Nigerian Chief

Given a Fair Chance, Every Woman Can Shape Her Own Destiny

We face multiple civilizational challenges on Planet Earth. Intertwined social and environmental emergencies seem to proliferate by the day. But they all share a common denominator: human behaviors and social norms. Individual and social behaviors are the driving cause of most global troubles. Ironically, they are also the solutions to solving them. Sometimes, the news seems so overwhelming, it is hard to imagine a workable, peaceful resolution to the planet’s many troubles – but systems can and do change, and even the most seemingly intractable problems can be addressed.

For PMC, primary and secondary school education and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights are at the top of our to-do list – not only are education, family planning, and contraception all human rights, they also spark extremely powerful feedback loops, positively transforming innumerable social, environmental, and economic injustices. Our stories help build social momentum for lasting change, resulting in healthier women, girls, families, communities, and planet. This is Population Media Center. We know how to tell the stories of progress. We know a better world is within our reach. This is how we work for a sustainable planet with equal rights for all.


Why PMC Knows This Is Possible



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"I know now the importance of planning for your family. I know that when you plan for your family it is the beginning of a better life in the future."

PMC Umurage Urukwiye listener, Rwanda

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