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The natural world is filled with tipping points. Also called “threshold effects” or “critical transitions,” a tipping point is when a natural system experiences a shift to a dramatically new state. Tipping points also occur in human communities, especially around social norms. When a large number of community members rapidly and dramatically change their attitudes and behavior – by either adopting a once rare practice or abstaining from a previously common one – we can say that community has experienced a social norm change.

PMC focuses on catalyzing tipping points on sensitive issues around the world. Our fictional TV and radio stories, broadcast to entire regions, can reach millions of people simultaneously, positively impacting the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of many individuals. But social tipping points require another key ingredient that PMC also encourages: household and community discussions. The successful role modeling methodology of our shows, the size of our audiences and the promotion of interpersonal and community discussion, all combine to help spark social tipping points: lasting, self-perpetuating social norm change.


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"Taking lessons from the drama [Mieraf], I am now a chairman of a school committee-support and counseling for women and we are working extensively to fight abduction in our community. We have so far prevented three students from early marriage and two girls from abduction." 

Mieraf, Ethiopia, listener

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