PMC 2017 Annual Campaign #getreel

Strengthening Conservation with Stories


Play the video above to see how PMC’s stories can contribute to societies that value biodiversity and nature.


From activist organizations to policy-makers to community educators conservationists have defended biodiversity and wild nature for generations. As we look at the status of our world, we know we must do more to support and extend these efforts to protect the environment.


The power of PMC’s storytelling and mass-media can change attitudes and behavior  reaching rich and poor, young and old, urban and rural. We need to create societies that value and protect nature. PMC is strengthening the country-specific action plans of world-renowned conservation organizations.


View Environmental Issues Addressed in PMC Shows

A lot of conservation messaging can be somewhat technical and at times pedantic. What is really unique about the PMC model is they’re taking the messaging, and they’re translating it into a dramatic format. So they are engaging people on a much more emotional and at times visceral level through compelling characters, dramatic tension.

Glenn Raynor, Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institute, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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