Donation Impact

The impact of your donation to PMC cannot be overstated. These funds allow us to continue current programs and start new programs.

By getting behind the work of PMC, you will have a hand in:

  • Reducing unplanned parenthood and child slavery in Haiti
  • Helping to preserve gorilla habitat in Rwanda
  • Promoting the education of girls in Burkina Faso
  • Raising awareness of gender-based violence in Sierra Leone
  • Continuing the effort to end female genital mutilation in Ethiopia

Those are huge goals and each day, each year, we collectively move ahead, changing attitudes and behavior around important issues. Our main focus continues to be health and human rights. By donating to PMC, you can bring lasting improvements to the lives of thousands of women, children, and men in developing nations. Here are a few examples of what your support accomplishes:

  • Rwanda: the cost to air one episode nationwide = $225
  • Burkina Faso: hosting a listener group session = $700
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: formative research and dissemination workshop = $33,000
  • Burundi: building our own studio = $34,500
  • Nigeria: training workshop for scriptwriting and radio production = $50,000


Thank you for your contribution!


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