ePhoto: December 2014

Population Media Center could not do this work without the help and support of many, many people. It's people like you who change the lives of these little girls.

Population Media Center (PMC) relies on many people and organizations to bring entertainment-education to communities all around the world. These entertaining dramas tell stories that introduce new ideas and inspire conversation around important issues. Because of these stories, children get the chance to go to school and women gain control over their sexual and reproductive health. Families, communities, and countries get stronger because of these stories.

It’s people like you that make these stories possible. Donors, media partners, governmental agencies, local staffs, engaged members of the public…all of you make this work happen. And people all over the world tell others about the work PMC is doing, helping pave the way for new PMC programming and the work of other organizations addressing these issues. We don’t end child marriage or end female genital mutilation without millions of people joining the cause, in one shape or another. These challenges require the support of more people than we can mention, so we want to take this moment to express our thanks to all of you. We are incredibly grateful for all that you do.

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