ePhoto: February 2015

The truth is powerful. Population Media Center's fictional storylines and characters are created from what's real.

Population Media Center (PMC) believes that people learn from the world around them and that PMC’s stories must accurately portray that world if we want to create change. That’s why PMC conducts formative research to determine what realities exist on the ground. Why are young girls being sold into marriage? Why are women not attending a health clinic for prenatal care and delivery? If PMC understands the issues within the local context, then PMC can create a powerful story that resonates. In fact, PMC has gotten so good at creating dramatized fictional worlds based on reality, with scripts written by local writers and performed by local actors, that some audience members lose sight of the fact that it is a work of fiction. And that’s a good thing. The truth is powerful. The depiction of real life through fictional characters allows the audience to explore the varying perspectives and behaviors of people around them, learning about themselves and their community in the process — all while enjoying a good story.

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Photo: Norbert Regero (shown at right reading PMC script for a Rwandan serial drama) had to repeatedly explain to his friend that he was not acting out his friend's life story on the radio. His friend identified so much with Regero's character, he thought it was actually his story being shared.

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