ePhoto: April 2015

Real social change happens in personal conversations. Inspiring people to talk is one of Population Media Center's biggest goals.

Family members, co-workers, and community organizers…everyday people are the true conduits for sustainable change. Women and men like Jeanne d’Arc Butoyi, a Burundian woman moved by one of Population Media Center’s (PMC) dramas, make sure the power of mass media entertainment-education lasts long after televisions or radios are switched off. As a community organizer, Jeanne has combined lessons she has learned from Agashi (Hey! Look Again!”) and her life experiences to help her community better understand issues like family planning, adolescent reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. And, although these personal conversations raise eyebrows or discomfort in the beginning, her community is now listening.

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Learn more about Jeanne d'Arc Butoyi and how she's reaching members of her community >

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