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When there are countless valuable causes to support, why choose population? Population Media Center believes in creating the greatest possible positive change.

What if you could simultaneously save a little girl’s life and protect the future of the planet? That’s pretty powerful – local and global solutions working together. That’s what happens when you address the population issue and that’s why Population Media Center (PMC) believes there’s no other work we could be doing that has such a tremendous impact.

Earth’s resources are finite, but we’re currently adding more than 220,000 people per day. PMC focuses on population because of its fundamental relationship to the health of the planet and the health of people.

Worldwide, 50 percent of pregnancies are unintended and 25 percent of pregnancies are unwanted. Why are people pregnant if they don’t want to be? Cultural and informational barriers to contraceptive access are a big part of the problem. PMC also knows that if we can send all kids to school, girls and boys, we’ll slow population growth and protect people and the planet. This holds true for a number of current global problems: let’s end child marriage, ensure gender equality, and educate people about reproductive health, STDs, and family planning. These successes will all help make a more sustainable world.

PMC’s goal is to empower individuals to make good choices about their health and their futures. We know the solutions to stopping population growth reside with improving individual lives — and ending population growth promises to positively impact global environmental concerns as well. Population is a challenge that involves all of us and the solutions empower and protect all of us.

World Population Day is Saturday, July 11th. Take that opportunity to talk with someone about population, its solutions, and its impact.

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