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When women become income earners, communities become safer, healthier, and happier. That's why Population Media Center works to empower women socially and economically.

In emerging markets, women entrepreneurs invest 90 percent of income into their families, education, health, and nutrition. Unfortunately, women around the world are less likely to be educated, less likely to be employed or considered employable, and are more likely to live in poverty. When women do work, they work longer hours and are paid less. Population Media Center (PMC) wants to change this. PMC serial dramas present financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts to help educate the audience. The dramas also feature women creating change for themselves and their families through successful employment, entrepreneurship, and community leadership. In Ethiopia, PMC’s drama Yeken Kignit (“Looking Over One’s Daily Life”) resulted in a 34.7 percentage point increase among male listeners believing that women are fit to hold public office.

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