ePhoto: November 2015

At Population Media Center, we know kids learn from their parents. When a mother understands her body, her daughters will too.

Far too many men and women around the world don’t know how women get pregnant. They have been denied, either intentionally or unintentionally, basic anatomical and biological information about their own bodies. And, as you can imagine, if they don’t understand pregnancy, they also don’t understand the links between the health of mothers and the health of babies; they often know little about nutrition; and usually they know nothing or are misinformed about sexually transmitted diseases. Population Media Center (PMC) knows that the best way to create long-lasting change is to educate people – and the earlier in life the better. In the case of basic health, we educate the babies and little kids by educating parents. If parents understand health, children not only benefit from better care and improved health, but those children maintain healthier lifestyles into adulthood and pass knowledge onto their own children.

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