ePhoto: December 2015

This #GivingTuesday, Population Media Center wants you to join us.

How can you help on this #GivingTuesday? One way is to donate. In Nigeria, the cost of every new adopter of family planning from Population Media Center’s drama was $0.89 US cents. For less than a dollar, someone actually changed behavior. Every dollar matters.

Another way is to inspire and lead productive conversations about overpopulation and its solutions. PMC’s #OverpopulationIs campaign aims to get people talking on social media and in social circles. Start conversations with family and friends, write a letter to the editor, help people understand overpopulation, its causes, and its solutions.

This #GivingTuesday, like every other day, we appreciate the generosity of all of our supporters and colleagues. That generosity allows us to entertain people — bringing hope into homes around the world.

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