ePhoto: January 2016

Talks about climate change should, from the very start, include population. Population Media Center was in Paris last month highlighting how human rights help build long-term sustainability.

In the Climate Generations Area of the Climate Talks in Paris, people filtered through a number of displays. One featured a large TV screen showing a young girl from Burundi going to school to be a nurse. How, you might ask, does this young Burundian girl relate to climate change?

Climate change conversations don’t usually extend to primary and secondary education opportunities or into reproductive health, but Population Media Center (PMC) knows that this is where a sustainable future begins. If we want a more sustainable planet, we need to start with the health and rights of women and girls. Improving the lives of women results in healthy women and families and slows population growth.

The world’s population is growing too quickly to be sustained by renewable resources. Basically, reducing the carbon footprint, or any footprint, is not gaining ground when we are simultaneously adding thousands more feet every hour.

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