ePhoto: April 2016

Excited and curious reporters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo had a lot of questions for Mathy Babaka Vangu. Mathy answered every question.

As producer of PMC’s new Swahili radio drama in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mathy Babaka Vangu knows that success depends on partnerships. This particular launch event for Pambazuko (“The Dawn”) was designed for journalists. Media has a very important role promoting radio and TV dramas to encourage listenership. Media also has an essential role as an investigative voice about issues addressed within the dramas, such as gender equity and protection of endangered species.

Every new Population Media Center (PMC) drama, whether on radio or TV, benefits from extensive promotion before it launches. PMC trains all local teams of writers and producers and conducts vigorous formative research. These activities build strong connections to the community before a drama has even begun production.

As the drama nears broadcast, PMC staff reach out to partners, collaborators, service providers, media outlets, and officials to coordinate successful events. PMC also creates jingles, promos, and advertisements to air across local media prior to broadcast. What results is a community of individuals with specific skills and networks that are invested and prepared to send a promising new drama on to success.

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