ePhoto: May 2016

Omi Thapa didn't expect his four-year-old daughter and Nepal's former president to sign the same New Year's resolution. But he did expect to help end child marriage.

Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world with reports of 41 percent of girls being married before they’re 18 years old. So when Population Media Center (PMC) decided to launch two new dramas to address child marriage, girls education, gender equity and other issues, Omi Thapa knew his skills as a studio technician would be needed. When it came time to launch the dramas on the April new year in Nepal, Omi’s daughter, Dibrani, and the former president of Nepal got involved too.

“I was married at 14. My wife was 12,” said Right Honorable Former President Ram Baran Yadav who became Nepal’s first President after declaration of a republic in 2008 and remained in the position till October 2015. “But that was 60 years ago. The situation on child marriage is almost the same as it was before, especially in Madhesh where I come from. Things need to change.”

It was another reminder that powerful progress comes when the big and the small unite around change, like presidents of countries and four-year-old girls.

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Photo: Four-year-old Dibrani Thapa signs her name in Nepal.

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