ePhoto: July 2016

What draws a crowd? Population Media Center knows that if it's not entertaining, you won't create significant social change.

Population Media Center (PMC) uses entertainment-education to reach huge audiences and positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. The number one ingredient? Entertainment. PMC’s approach combines the age-old traditions of dramatic characters, plot twists, and bold cliffhangers–pure entertainment–with a rigorous, theory-driven strategy for integrating health and social issues, building role models, and inspiring real change in the audience. The entertainment factor allows PMC to reach vast audiences, making PMC’s approach tremendously cost-effective and enabling entire communities to come together around a drama to mobilize change at a societal level.

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Here are some of the "rules" for PMC dramas >

Photo: Scene from PMC's East Los High Season Three. Season Four debuts on Hulu on July 15th.

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