ePhoto: August 2016

Population Media Center's drama gave this four-year-old boy a way to label, and change, his dad's behavior.

“My husband was ‘Old Goliath’ before we started listening to your show. Our son nick-named him that because of his aggressiveness. We continue to call him that. But he has changed a lot,” says Mireille Bangumba. She says that her husband, Claude, is now more aware, and more in control, of his temper because her four-year-old poignantly compared him with a negative character in a Population Media Center (PMC) radio drama. The show was Vivra Verra (“Time Will Tell”) and it ran for 156 episodes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

My child, who is four years old, when he does something he wants but may cause trouble, he says to me, ‘Papa, are you Papa Goliath?'” explains Claude. “[Vivra Verra] is something we listen to as a family.”

This was music to the ears of the researchers, writers, actors, and technicians…everyone had succeeded. Their fictionalized character, “Old Goliath,” a figment of research and imagination, had illuminated aspects of Claude’s character and helped him and his family navigate those negative traits to develop more open, respectful, and equitable relationships.

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