ePhoto: September 2016

At Population Media Center, we research what needs to change, but we also find there's much to celebrate.

Population Media Center (PMC) works to change people’s lives, addressing health and human rights violations. This means PMC spends a lot of time researching, learning, and listening to stories of personal suffering. But good stories aren’t only filled with struggle. PMC entertains audiences with locally-written, -produced, and -acted stories that also celebrate the strengths of the local community. The stories are steeped in life’s successes and joys, such as music. In Burundi, that music is distinctly marked by drums.

Last month, the drums could be heard in Burundi’s capital city, Bujumbura. The Drummers of Burundi are well-known for their loud, energetic percussions, their bright red, green, and white outfits, and for their acrobatic dance moves – not to mention the huge drums on their heads. The drummers on August 23rd were celebrating the launch of PMC’s new radio show.

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