ePhoto: October 2016

At Population Media Center, we celebrated World Contraception Day last week. For us, it's a celebration of contraception as a basic human right.

For Population Media Center (PMC), every day is World Contraception Day. We know that contraception needs to be available for women to have control over their bodies and their futures. This requires more than just clinics; it also requires the removal of stigmas, gender roles, and misinformation. World Contraception Day demonstrates another effort determined to put the power of choice into the hands of women.

Everyone deserves the ability to determine when and if they want to have children. Family planning allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children. If children are desired, the spacing and timing of births can be controlled, thus protecting the health of the mother and of each child. Family planning also allows parents to decide how many children they can care for, increasing the likelihood that children will have access to adequate nutrition, health care, education, and loving time with their parents. World Contraception Day, and numerous other efforts around the world, show that the future holds choice and PMC looks forward to the day when all women are able to choose.

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