ePhoto: November 2016

This September, Population Media Center joined thousands of people at the world's largest conservation event.

A few months ago, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) featured a Population Media Center (PMC) project as a Panorama Solution, a collection of cross-sectoral, global case studies for the larger conservation community to learn from. PMC’s Panorama Solution featured the radio drama Umurage Urukwiye (“Rwanda’s Brighter Future”), which used dramatic fiction to show the real-life consequences of tree-cutting and poaching.

The 312-episode radio drama explained and popularized gorilla conservation and habitat protection–especially the value of reforestation–as a means of national pride and community wealth building. Eleven percent of people buying tree seedlings said they were motivated by Umurage Urukwiye. Drama listeners were also 1.6 times more likely than non-listeners to know that protecting gorillas and their habitat can reduce poverty and bring tourists.

PMC’s recent attendance at IUCN’s World Congress, the largest conservation gathering in the world, gave PMC the opportunity to give a 7-minute presentation about how conservation issues can be included in PMC’s dramas.

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Watch PMC's Stephanie Tholand explain how PMC dramas address conservation issues >

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