ePhoto: February 2017

At Population Media Center, our work focuses on stopping child marriage, but we also know many women and young girls need these stories to heal.

Population Media Center’s work revolves around preventing health and human rights atrocities, but where we are most needed is where these atrocities are common. This means many people listening to PMC’s dramas hear some of the most terrible realities of their lives playing across the radio or TV. That’s what happened with Lalita Raut in Nepal. As Lalita listened to the radio drama, she heard Shilpa’s parents deciding to pay a dowry, deliver a motorbike, and hand their daughter over to an unknown groom. Lalita knew the hidden and obvious dangers all too well. For victims of child marriage like Lalita, Shilpa’s story helps illuminate root causes of child marriage and remove self-blame and self-doubt. And, importantly, the drama provides Lalita with the hope that other young girls and their parents are listening to the drama and won’t succumb to the same fate.

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