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"Mom is as important as dad." Population Media Center agrees and a recent meeting left us thinking about how to get mom to vote.

On Friday, June 23, 2017, Population Media Center (PMC) leadership met with the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Minister of Media and Communication, His Excellency Lambert Mende Omalanga. Not only did it affirm the importance of PMC’s work, particularly in eastern Congo where rates of rape and domestic violence are still among the worst in the world, but it also affirmed what we see everywhere: social norms are always more powerful than laws. Although women have the legal right to vote, they often don’t have the social capital to pursue doing so. His Excellency the Minister Omalanga encouraged PMC to use its entertainment strategy to address these deeply entrenched gender expectations because “the law recognizes the parity between the man and the woman but it is rarely put into practice.”

PMC’s Get Reel Campaign this September and October will be dedicated to recognizing the reality facing women and girls around the world, like these women in DRC. We encourage you to volunteer to help us raise awareness and raise funds. We need people like you to share the powerful new stories we create in places like DRC.

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Learn more about PMC's meeting with DRC's Minister of Media and Communication >

Photo: MONUSCO/Abel Kavanagh

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