ePhoto: September 2017

ONE WEEK from today we #GETREEL. Thank you for all you do to give women and girls the chance to pursue a better life. You help #ChangeHerStory.

On September 12, 2017, Population Media Center’s #GETREEL initiative begins. This six-week campaign is designed to raise awareness and action on behalf of women and girls, and demonstrate the unique power of PMC’s entertainment programming. Here’s a sneak peek of the #GETREEL website. You’ll find postcards, personal stories, and videos. PMC’s specialized TV and radio dramas help change the stories for millions of people – creating new social norms that will protect girls for generations to come. Together, we will educate, advocate, and raise money to change the realities for women and girls.

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Take a sneak peek of the #GETREEL volunteer toolkit >

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