ePhoto: February 2018

Population Media Center's TV and radio shows aren't only entertainment - they're steeped in behavior theory. They help people believe that change is both possible and desirable.

Around the world, Population Media Center’s (PMC) shows are as different as the topics they address and the people they reach – but underlying all of them is PMC’s Theory of Change. Pictured is a PMC staff member in Haiti working on our hit-show, Zoukoutap, making sure each element refers back to how PMC shows are built to be successful. The Theory of Change is PMC’s “north star,” guiding the creation of every show with scientifically validated communication, psychosocial, and psychological theories.

While each component has different levels of complexity, PMC’s Theory of Change can be boiled down to a three-step process to achieve change: 1. Meet the audience where they are; 2. Role model behaviors in a specific way; 3. Reach huge audiences with a show that spreads storylines over many episodes with “cliff hangers” at the end of each show.
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