ePhoto: March 2018

Population Media Center shows combine sophistication and real life. That's why launching a new show in Guatemala included top-notch emcees...and real-life goats.

This week Population Media Center’s Toma Mi Mano (“Take My Hand”) began broadcasting in Guatemala. But people have been hearing about the show in the press since February 22nd. That morning, members of the press and other associated guests were invited to a launch event unlike most press events.

The morning sun filtered through the glass domed roof as attendees realized they were in Toma Mi Mano‘s fictional town of San Juan Renacimiento. They visited fictional storefronts, listened to neighborhood stories, got their pictures taken under the town sign (souvenirs to take home), and found themselves laughing beside the pen of goats who munched fastidiously on hay. Press outlets in Guatemala began sharing news of Toma Mi Mano that very day, providing more than $20,000 of earned media coverage in the first 24 hours.
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