ePhoto: August 2018

Writers and producers are gearing up in Haiti. And as we look at the faces of those who were impacted by the first two editions of Zoukoutap, we can't wait for the next show.

Zoukoutap 3 will hit airwaves in Haiti in November, but the Haitian team is already hard at work writing scripts, reviewing research, and producing new episodes for the 156-episode broadcast. What’s inspiring this hard work? Partly, it’s the huge success of Zoukoutap 1 and Zoukoutap 2, which broadcast 78 and 156 episodes respectively. Watch this short video of people’s reactions to Zoukoutap 2.

Zoukoutap addresses health and human rights issues and devotes particular attention to restavek, an exploitative child labor structure in Haiti. As one listener says in the video, restavek amounts to child slavery and it must end.

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Haitian girls with caption When they speak we listen

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