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Imagine if everyone knew how to read. Twenty percent of the world is illiterate and almost two-thirds of the illiterate are women.

This coming Saturday, take a moment to reflect on what reading means to you. What are some of your reading memories? How does reading contribute to your self-confidence, your ability to succeed, your joy, and your ability to learn?

Every September 8th, on International Literacy Day, we celebrate successes and acknowledge tremendous need. In some countries, literacy rates – from young adults to the elderly – are still well below 50 percent. Women are disproportionately illiterate. At PMC, we focus on girls’ education because we know it’s one of the best paths out of poverty and subservience. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 includes literacy for all young people and the opportunity to learn how to read for all adults who are not literate. Everyone deserves the right to read.

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Girl in a tent made out of a book, reading under the stars

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