ePhoto: August 2019

Tackling Tough Topics, Improving Nigerian Lives: Radio Show Jolokoto Launched July 8th.

July saw the Jolokoto radio show launch in Nigeria to great fanfare, with dancing, food, and festivity among the attendees. But it was not just a new and entertaining show they were celebrating; it was the opportunities Jolokoto will bring to address health challenges among southern Nigeria’s youth.

In a Population Media Center news release, Ephraim Okon, Resident Representative of PMC-Nigeria spoke of the Jolokoto team’s goals to improve reproductive health, unintended pregnancy, and gender-based violence rates among Nigeria’s young adult population. “It is time to empower through Jolokoto to address these sensitive and important issues.”

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Jolokoto staff and actors with banner and text tackling tough topics with Jolokoto

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