ePhoto: September 2019

Smiling for School Time Success: How Education Improves Lives Worldwide.

As September begins, millions of children across the northern hemisphere are returning to school or attending for the first time. The reasons to celebrate are many. Kids can connect with friends, explore new interests, discover numerous talents, and build skills for successful futures  –  the joy and power of education cannot be overstated.

As shows like Nepal’s Mai Sari Sunakhari (“Orchid, Like Me”) and Nigeria’s Hannunka Mai Sanda (“Power in Your Hands”) have portrayed, some of the many benefits of education include the empowerment of women and improved health literacy in populations worldwide. Mai Sari Sunakhari listeners were 3 times more likely to believe that girls should be encouraged to continue their education to higher levels, and Hannunka Mai Sanda listeners spoke about returning to school to continue their educations after hearing the show. We think that’s something to smile about – and something we strive to make available for all, as we create new shows to promote the value of education across the globe.

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Boy in backpack smiling with caption smiling for school time success

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