ePhoto: November 2020

Praise from the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom

Uganda has one of the fastest-growing populations globally, and the Katikkiro (prime minister) of the Buganda Kingdom in Uganda understands how that growth can affect poverty – primarily if parents cannot provide for their families.

Population Media Center-Uganda staff recently visited Katikkiro Mayica and earned praise for PMC’s entertaining radio shows that feature storylines and characters with smaller, healthier families. In recognition of PMC’s impact, Katikkiro Mayica signed a poster promoting PMC’s show Akakunizo (“Jigsaw Puzzle”). He also announced his interest in partnering with PMC on future projects to improve the lives of those living in Buganda, the largest modern-day kingdom in East Africa.

“The Kingdom of Buganda and Population Media Center have the same aspirations of making the people of Buganda and Uganda better,” shared Patrick Lubowa, PMC’s Resident Representative in Uganda. “It is only natural that we combine our efforts to achieve our mutual targets,” said Lubowa.

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Katikkiro Mayica signs a poster for the show "Akakunizo."

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