ePhoto: October 2020

The strength to say "no" to child marriage.

Sangita Kumari Sadi is 17 years old. At 10, she was pushed out of school because of her caste and poverty. Now she is at Janaki Women’s Awareness Society (JWAS), a non-profit that offers classes in Nepal, where she began listening to PMC’s radio show Hilkor (“Ripples in the Water”) as part of a community theater program.

When her parents approached her with a prospective husband, Sangita refused to see him and used Hilkor to talk to her parents about staying in JWAS’s classes instead of getting married. The goal of Hilkor is to motivate positive behaviors that encourage girls’ education and stop child marriage and gender-based violence. Eventually, Sangita’s father acquiesced and agreed she would not have to get married before she was 20.

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Sangita Kumari Sadi

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