ePhoto: February 2021

Entertain. Role Model. Save Lives.

As COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world, it became clear that business could not go on as usual. PMC’s pre-existing network of broadcast partners and on-air entertainment provided a meaningful way to communicate about the crucial issues we address (like family planning and domestic violence) while also providing guidance for COVID-19 prevention and care.

Umurage 3 (“Inheritance for a Better Future”) and an accompanying media campaign addressed health and human rights issues that are at the core of PMC’s mission while also inspiring Rwandan audiences to adopt new COVID-19 hygiene protocols through public service announcements and social media videos.

In Haiti, the long-running Zoukaoutap series incorporated COVID-19 messaging, which resulted in 76% of listeners reporting they knew wearing facemasks in public would slow the spread of COVID-19.

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Read more about our response to COVID-19 in Burundi, Rwanda, Haiti, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. >
Man wearing a blue facemask. Graphic text: Addressing Cores Issue and COVID-10

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