ePhoto: April 2021

Powerful Change Takes Time

Moving the needle on deeply rooted social issues takes time and is even more complex than building a fan base. That is why a clear strategy and a long-term commitment to an audience is crucial–and why PMC has continued in Haiti with a series of Zoukoutap shows.

Now in its third season, Zoukoutap‘s audience has moved through what we call “stages of change” toward the ultimate goals–actual behavioral change and shifting social norms on profoundly embedded, taboo topics. Zoukoutap 3 positively influenced norms around child protection, gender equality, and family planning. The cost-effectiveness of Zoukoutap 3 is impressive, too, with the cost per loyal listener (individuals who listened to the show at least weekly) at just USD $1.00.

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Band playing instruments outside. Behind them is a white slab wall promoting the radio show "Zoukoutap."

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