ePhoto: April 2022

PMC Cast to Support Girls' Education in Nigeria

Learning centers specifically designed for girls and married adolescents are flipping the script on education norms and reproductive health in Nigeria. To support these life-changing efforts, PMC-Nigeria is set to develop radio programming addressing issues that hold girls back from attending school.

“Spaces like these put women and girls first and uplift entire communities,” says PMC Program Manager Sandy Joseph. “Unfortunately, there are traditionally religious and cultural barriers that hold girls back from attending school. We’ll be addressing those norms directly in our radio program.”

This newly announced collaboration between PMC-Nigeria, OASIS, and the Centre for Girls Education won’t only affect education rates, but it should also make a long-term impact on early marriages and fertility rates in the region.

“Married adolescents are often the most vulnerable girls in our communities,” says PMC-Nigeria County Director Ephraim Okon. “They are less likely to get an education and are more likely to start having children at a young age.”

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