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Yam Yankré: Creating Agents of Change

PMC’s recent rebroadcast of the hit radio show Yam Yankré (“The Choice”), has spurred change in many people’s lives. After hearing the life-changing storylines in the 156-episode show, a trio of loyal listeners not only promote Yam Yankré amongst their peers but have also become advocates of a more equitable community, each in their own ways.

Inspired by themes such as female genital mutilation, reproductive health, and family planning, these listeners felt that the change they saw in the show could be reflected in their own lives. Becoming advocates even earned some of them nicknames such as “Awa birth spacing” and “Maman Yam Yankré.” They all developed a passion for the show and for making their communities healthier.

From providing neighbors with a place to listen to the radio, discussing themes with family and friends, and helping others take steps to make a change, these people have all helped their communities in different ways. Creating change to live more sustainable lives starts with a conversation. For Raogo this starts by telling people in his village, “I tell them that FGM is not a good thing. And to convince them, I make them listen to Yam Yankré on my cell phone. I think, little by little, they will change their behavior.”

We would like to introduce you to Awa, Raogo, and Justine.

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Awa, Raogo, and Justine from Burkina Faso. Overlay text that reads Local Agents of Change

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