ePhoto: January 2022

Writing the Script for Their Future

To start the New Year, we’re taking you to Zambia where Agness and her husband Bupe recently shared their story with our in-country team. The couple had their first two children back-to-back in 2018 and 2019, leaving Agness with minimal recovery and little time to focus on work. According to a misconception in their region, men should keep their wives pregnant as often as possible.

When Agness started listening to Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”), a radio show produced by PMC-Zambia which is now in its second season, she immediately related to characters in the show and convinced Bupe to listen along too.

“Listening to the show together made it easier to have a conversation about spacing children using more modern forms of family planning,” said Agness. “Because of the happenings in Kwishilya, there were no misunderstandings. We both had all the information.”

Use the button link below to learn more about Agness and Bupe and see a photo of them together with their family.

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